About Hafez

Hafez Plastic Co. was founded on 1987 following the major demand of Polyethylene pipes for implementation of under pressure  irrigation, water supply, gas supply and sewage removal applications.. With the aim of producing the high quality high s.density and low density Poltethylene pipes, Hafez plastic has always been employed high skilled engineers and technicians and has been worked round the clock since it was established. The company is producing all the Polyethylene pipes from 16 to 500mm. Among the various types of our PE pipes,we can  refer to soft pipes for under pressure irrigation and hard pipes for gas supply,water supply,healthy drinking water,sewage removal system and coating pipes for optical  fiber and cable. All the pipes are produced according to Standards like INSO and ISIRI, DIN, ISO, EN and ASTM. the company is certified by Iran Standard institute, ISO 9001, and other standards that you can see in the certificate and standards menu. . .

The raw material for our products are mainly supplies by original, relaiable and international sources based on the best quality control management systems.Raw materials and final products are analysed in Hafez Plastic independence Laboratory. 

Hafez plastic quality control laboratory is certified  by ISO/IEC 17025 ,NACI institute and is ready to serve the analyse and test services for all the customers